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* Ok, last silly thing: random scaleHEADmastergretchen2019-11-18
* Play a random note in the example.gretchen2019-11-18
* example -> norns-etc-examplegretchen2019-11-18
* juggle timeoutsgretchen2019-11-18
* Simplify timespec handling; timeout.gretchen2019-11-18
* Parallelize example makefilegretchen2019-11-18
* Handle errors in upload.gretchen2019-11-18
* Make intermediate directorieSgretchen2019-11-18
* Readme indentationgretchen2019-11-18
* Wow indentationgretchen2019-11-18
* Improve readme and Makefilegretchen2019-11-18
* Example and documentation for emacs integration.gretchen2019-11-18
* Load a file on nornsgretchen2019-11-18
* make installgretchen2019-11-18
* Upload script.gretchen2019-11-18
* wait for one message after EOFgretchen2019-11-17
* two TODOs; EOF handling.gretchen2019-11-17
* Get a lua or sc shell on a norns.gretchen2019-11-17